The Asa Waters Mansion opens its doors to one and all, and when you book the Mansion for your special occasion it is truly your home for the duration of the event! The Mansion is also a historic landmark listed with both the National and State Registers of Historic Places. As such, we have certain regulations we must enforce to ensure the beauty and integrity of the Asa Waters Mansion for years to come. 

Below is a list of these important policies. Please note: this is NOT an exhaustive list, and AWM Management reserves the right to enforce additional regulations as needed. If you have any questions or concerns you may reach out via our Contact Form or call us at 508.865.0855.

Regulations to ensure the integrity of the historic Asa Waters Mansion:

1. All events will be staffed by a Mansion-appointed Events Facilitator. We always ensure that this Facilitator is trained in the history of the Asa Waters Mansion and is thus able to answer common questions about the house and its origins.  Larger tented events with over 100 guests will be staffed by TWO Facilitators. 

2. Guests are NOT allowed upstairs without being accompanied by the Events Facilitator.

3. The Asa Waters Mansion is a NON-SMOKING establishment: use of tobacco products, marijuana, etc. in any form (including chewing tobacco, pipes, vapes, and e-cigarettes) are strictly PROHIBITED both inside the house and anywhere outside on the landscaped grounds and bandstand.

4. NO animals are allowed on the premises with the exception of Service Animals.

5. The hanging and/or affixing of any decorations must be pre-approved by the Executive Director. The Executive Director and Events Facilitators will help guide clients through the approved methods of adorning the home with decorations.

6. NO confetti, rice, or birdseed are allowed inside or outside the Mansion.

7. Candles may only be used in table centerpieces, and they must be surrounded in glass exceeding the height of the flame. NO votive candles are allowed.

8. In order to protect the period window glass and other historic architectural features the playing of ball games, or any type of thrown-object game, is PROHIBITED on the Mansion grounds.

9. Disclaimer: On Memorial Day weekend and the Fourth of July the Mansion is decorated with patriotic bunting. During the Christmas holiday season (approximately early December through the first week of January) the Mansion interior is decorated with a variety of Christmas trees and holiday bunting.

10. Disclaimer: The Mansion may periodically be undergoing historic preservation work; although all efforts will be made to minimize any impact to functions we cannot guarantee that projects will be fully completed by a specific date. 

Other Policies:

1. Seating Capacity:

  • 75-80 Suggested capacity for sit-down dinner/buffet.
  • 100 Maximum capacity for indoor use.
  • 100-250 Client/event sponsor must employ tent; tent rentals are available via our licensed catering partners (see no. 2 below).
  • Tent regulations must be followed.

2. Caterer: All leased events at the Asa Waters Mansion must be hosted by one of our licensed catering partners.  

3. Alcoholic Beverages: Alcoholic beverages must be provided by and served by the appointed catering firm chosen from our selection of licensed catering partners. The catering firm's designated bartending staff  shall be responsible for ensuring that all alcoholic beverages are served in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Asa Waters Mansion/Board of Selectmen and the laws of the  Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Last call for alcohol must be one (1) hour before end of event.

4. Event bookings are NOT permitted to run past 12:00 am.

5. Musical Entertainment: Musical entertainment should be confined to the house. In warmer weather, music will be permitted outside, however, it is not to be amplified. Music must cease by 12:00 am for an outdoor function.

6. All personal property of the user, or of any individual or entity providing services to the user, or of any guest, employee or invitee of the user, shall be removed from the premises immediately upon the expiration of license. Neither the Asa Waters Mansion nor the Town of Millbury shall be liable for the loss of or damage to any property left on the premises of the Mansion after such period without the prior written consent of the Asa Waters Mansion.

7. ALL other event services are subject to approval by the Mansion.